Friday, March 25, 2005

Thoughts On The Work Week

Monday - Another Job interview. I have never had this much problem getting a job. Doctor's appointment, I am still alive, Doc thought I was looking depressed.

Tuesday - Work pissing me off. Putting out fires because of idiotic things done by co-workers.

Wednesday - Job interview in morning. Got the job, don't know if I'm taking it yet. Money is great, hours suck. Did not finish in time to go into work, bummer.

Thursday - Island Pizza Day - No we didn't share.

Friday - More changes in our computer system. Adjustments were done by someone who does not do our job. I was told that some call center people were consult. I wasn't one of them, I would have pointed out what was right in front of them.

No one wants to go to Bay City with me on April 5th and do something silly. Lots of excuses. Guess i'm more of the bust out of the box type.

Happy Holiday!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I am not lost

I took some time off from work. I really needed the break. Like an actor, I am seeking my motivation. I keep going back to money. Money is the reason I stay at my job. I do not know if that is good enough to keep me going.

New blog soon!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

"Use the Force Steve…."

A guest blog! By Steve!(It's about damn time!)

As I was sitting taking calls the other day I was thinking. Wouldn't it be great to have Jedi Knight powers of suggestion. It would make all the calls go SOOO much smoother.

Example one: Grumpy caller.
Me: Thank you for calling, can I get your member number?
Caller: Yeah its uh… 555
Me: Thank you Mr. Caller, what can I help you with today?
Caller: I think my bill is wrong.
Me: Ok, how so.
Caller: Well it's just wrong.
Me: Well lets see what we did.
I review the information and don't find anything wrong.
Me: Well it looks alright sir. I don't think it's wrong.
Caller: Now listen here. It's wrong. I know it is.
"Use the Force Steve…"
Me: "There's nothing wrong with the bill."
Caller: "There's nothing wrong with the bill." - mono tone
Me: "We did a great job on it."
Caller: "You do a great job." - mono tone
Me. "Have a great day."
Caller: "Have a great day"…

Example Two:

Caller: "I waited 20 minutes to get ahold of you. I need you to fill my prescription!"
We're not the insurance company and have nothing to do with it.
Me: "I see here that you're with Blue Monkeys. Have you called them to see if there's a problem?"
Caller: "I retired there, and you're going to help me! I need my drugs…." The caller then proceeds to tell me all sorts of nasty conditions that they have. I then wonder how they live everyday…
"Use the Force Steve.."
Me: "There's no need to be alarmed." I wave my hand at the phone.
Caller: "There's no need to be alarmed."
Me: "We don't have the information you're looking for. " Wave hand again at the phone.
Caller: "You don't have the information I'm looking for."
Me: "Call Blue Monkeys." Wave hand at the phone
Caller: "Call Blue Monkeys."
Me: "That's you're next call. Your next call. " wave hand at phone.
Caller: "That's my next call. My next call."

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