Thursday, August 26, 2004

Wally's Wake

To start the day off grand, in our weekly meeting it was announced that Wally, the best Resource in the office to go to for information and help, has been removed from the position of Resource. I knew this was coming. I was good, did not say a word about it in the meeting. (I’m still not in the clear from the mess I made last week.) I almost spoke up, but I asked myself, do I say something or do I keep my job?

Later it was explained to me this way by a very smart co-worker:

Oh! I see. Is this the basic Civil Service/Union rule screw up that doesn't allow qualified people to do a job they are capable of and competent at because they don't have the right title or position?

I have described Wally before as “The one who defines the true meaning of Resource in our office.” He can hit almost anything you throw, and does it with a smile and/or a joke.
I don’t mean to belittle the other 2 current Resource people. Jerry is a good guy, will talk to you for an hour, eventually even answering your question. Brenda is good, as long as she isn’t in a bad mood. Kinda Bi-polar.

Wally is vacating the Resource position because of the return of Joe. Now Joe is a nice guy, but does not have the knowledge that Wally does. Joe does have seniority. So Wally goes back to being just a CSR. This really harms the whole call center.

So being the man I am, I started to plan Wally a small party. Which quickly turned into a roast. Which evolved into a wake. We are all in mourning about this, so seemed logical.

On September 9th, Thursday, at 5 PM, we are meeting at our usual hangout to speak on behalf of the recently decease, Wally. Black armbands will be provided. Wally has requested that all eulogies be put in writing, so he has something to take with him.

This is going to be a blast. If we survive, will make a great blog. (Yea, there are so many ways this can go bad)

The names and sexes of the people on this blog have been changed and modified. So if you read this and think there are some undertones to the relationship with Wally and I, note that Wally is actually a woman, with nice gams.

I'm not good at politics.

I think we learn how to react to others in High School. That theory comes from not just my current office envirement, but also my 20 years of adult work places. The high drama, backstabbing, and clichés that are part of going to High School are always blamed on hormones. If that is true then there something in the coffee at work, because everyday I see adults ranging from 20 through 60 years of age acting like they are going to get busted for being in the hallway with out a pass.

Let me say up front, I hated high school. I was not only a weirdo, I was a weirdo magnet. I was always surrounded by the offbeat, nerdy, geeky, outcast. Mostly by choice. Can think of several times I was offered the chance to go to the big parties, hang with the right people. What fun would that have been. I haven't changed. I would rather be the load, do my own thing type, then the sit quietly and don't question. My group of cubicles at work (8 of us, well 7 now, but I'm getting to that) have the best time. We laugh, joke, kid all day. Before you point a finger, we also have the best numbers in the building.

Some in the office like this about us, the if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Others could care less what we do, they have their jobs; they do it and go home. Then of course there are the ones that, for what ever reason, have to try and bring you down, complain about you, point out mistakes (and this is never done to your face).

I'm not good at politics. You got a problem with me and feel the need to talk to me about it, then hey, I don't have a door on my cubicle, feel free to walk in. I'm the one on the corner, with the pirate flag and the Play dough island (another story).

My problem being that when you talk about me, I'm going to react one of two ways. I’m going to pull into my own little world. Surrounded by my friends who actually support me. Everyone is happy, the problem goes away, and no one is the worse for wear.

Then there is the other reaction. I basically call the person out, usually in a way that makes it very clear that I am pissed off and tired of having my buttons pushed. This usually causes much discomfort for everyone involved. Mass suicides. Dogs living with cats.

Wish I could say which way I’m going to react. As I’ve gotten older, I have been more the first then the second.

Then there was last week. It wasn’t pretty.

I’m not going to go into what happen. It just sounds way too childish. Let’s just say, our 8 person cubicle is now down to 7. I hope she enjoys her new desk, on the other side of the office. Got to love working in an office!

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Does this count as work related?

Here I sit, facing a blank page. Not the first time in my life for this. I plan on filling this space with different stories, things at home:

The 7 year old comes into the kitchen, starts looking in the drawers, very intent. I ask "what are you looking for?"
"Nothing." He replies, then leaves.

things at work:
Retiree on the phone, "My husband is presently deceased." Oh, are you expecting him back soon?

things after work:
How does he golf? "Yea, well lets just say, Will golf's like he canoes."

And random stuff:
"Who is that?" my dad ask. "That is Matt Damon."

So drop me a line, comments are welcome.


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