Thursday, May 18, 2006

Union Does? No Don't!

No to Union in Jackson Michigan!

I don’t like people screwing with my good thing.

For example.

I was working over night at S-Mart (shop smart, shop S-Mart). While it the hours sucked it had its pluses. There were 3 of us in the whole store, we came in, the manager told us what needed to be done, then he left. All that we had to do over the next 8 hours was get our stuff done. No one cared if we took an hour lunch or a thirty minute break. If we watched a movie or listened to music while we worked. If one of the other people decided not to work so be it, wasn’t my business. I got my job done.

Then someone decided to screw things up. Empty packages started appearing. Candy wrappers, snacks. Then one night an empty knife package appeared at the end of the shift. A package that I know for a fact was just put out during the night shift (a.k.a. I put it out.). I was pissed. Not on the fact that one of my two co-workers stole it, but that they stole it during my shift.

My worry was that they would put a supervisor on the overnight shift to stop the theft. No more long breaks and lunches. Or that I would fall under suspicion. Screwing with my good thing.

So advance to today. I am back in a call center. Good work, not difficult, pay is alright, good bonus check each week, medical dental vision insurances, vacation pay, good hours. I go to work on time, do my job, don’t hassle anyone, and really pay no attention to the gossip and usual bs found in the office. In other words I have a good thing going. So why is someone trying to screw with it.

Yesterday morning there was a group of five people with clip boards outside the building. They are trying to bring a union into the building. Not only are they pushy about this, they are out and out rude. They follow people to their cars, stop them every time someone goes in or out of the building. Of course you know I had to have a confrontation myself, and I did try to avoid this.

Union rep 1: Do you work here?
Me: I’m not interested.
Union rep 1: Would you like one of our fliers?
Me: No, I really wouldn’t, thank you.
Union rep 2: Would you like to sign our paper?
Me: Dude, she just asked me. I said no.
Union rep 2: Would you like one of our fliers?
Me: No and stop trying to ram it down my throat.
Union rep 2: I’m not trying to ram it down your throat .
Me: Yes you are, I’ve told you no 4 times and you are still talking to me.

My problems with the union:

1) I’ve seen wait they have done with the Michigan Office of Retirement Services. They protect the slow, bad workers while not letting the better workers advance. Retirement call center reps can take 30 minutes a call and give out the wrong info, and nothing happens. I’ve seen reps be rude to person after person, and the moment someone in management tries to put a stop to it they call their union rep and scream harassment.

2) If you get to work on time and do your job you have no problems. You get your breaks, no one denies it, and management works it out if you have a problem. They rehire, even if you don’t give notice before you leave.

3) They promote from with in.

4) They will work out a part time schedule if you are a student or if you have kids. Plus over time.

5) They hire you if you are 18, 35, or 98, students, parents, grandparents, 1st job, last job, 2nd job, 3rd job. I have seen them hire women who are 8 months pregnant.

6) It is a call center, a large part of the staff does not stay long. That is okay, but what use is the union to them.

7) I don’t want to have any money taken out of my check.

To summarize. No problems with management, they are fair and up front. Do your job, you get paid. Don’t want anyone to take money out of my check. Don’t want shadows in my office who can goof off all day and not get in trouble for it.

It may sound selfish, but don't screw with my good thing. Any questions?


Blogger brooksba said...


I agree about the unions. Call centers are not really a good place for them. Turn over is too high and state/federal laws tend to protect workers from the crap that unions were originally formed for. I'm happy that my company does not have a union and I'm going to be happy to keep unions out. I hope they are unsuccessful in your new organization.

5:46 PM  
Blogger CarpeDM said...

I am against unions as well for organizations like ours. There's no use for one in a call center. I hope that they don't get their hooks in.

So? What happened at S-mart? Did they figure out what was going on?

9:05 AM  

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