Thursday, September 01, 2005

I love the first day of school!

Two days in to training. It has been interesting. I am familiar with the system they use, so that helps a lot. There are 15 of us, from ages 18 through later 30’s. When you add in the 18-year-olds, with high opinions about everything. 20 something’s with enough life experience to dislike the 18-year-olds and the gen x’ers who just stand back and watch the car crashes. Wow, sounds like my old dating life. The instructor helps keep things really interesting though.

Today I will focus on him.

He is French, with a think accent with the stereotypical name of Pierre. His name didn’t surprise me at all; I have run into that sort of thing all my life. When I learned to down hill ski, my instructor was named Helga and she was blond with a thick accent.

Pierre is a very likable guy. Tall, about 6’6 and reminds me of Andre the Giant. (Wrestling reference, got to put one in once and a while.) While I believe he will teach us all we need to know, his introduction speech was kinda unsettling on some levels.

Pierre - I am Pierre; I will be your instructor for the next 3 weeks. My job is to make sure you are ready to handle your new jobs as Customer Service Reps when you enter the call center. I have a reputation as the number one instructor here and that is not going to change. To insure this, one of two things will happen while you are in my classroom. You will either learn all there is to know and be the top CSR’s, or you will run from the building crying swearing to never return.

No one here will endanger my job by failing. Note that if you do fail, that I am very well liked here and will make sure that you are not only fired, I will also put a curse on your family and everyone that saw you get born.

Everyone here is an adult, so you will make sure that your work area is clean at all times. If you can not then you will face my wrath. Trust me when I say you will wish you were raped by a rabid bull with his dick on fire then face my wrath.

You have probably already noted that there are no windows in this room. While that means few distractions, it also means that if we lose power in this building, it will be darker then a wolf’s mouth in here. I can guarantee you, we will lose power at least once every three days, so be prepared and do not panic.

Firebear (yes, should have kept my mouth shut, but what fun is that!) – Um, Pierre, Why would we lose power so much, aren’t we a power company? You would think we would be able to keep power on in our own building! Ha ha ha!

PierreDo not try me! We do not have time for stupid questions.

Firebear – (under my breath) Freaken’ rifle dropper…

PierreWhat did you call me! You shall face my wrath! Everyone else take a smoke break. It is time for a teacher-student conference!

It is funny, when the door is closed, no one can hear you screaming for help. And Pierre was right, I did wish for that bull instead of facing his wraith!

It is so nice to be back working in an interesting place! More updates coming soon!


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Blogger CarpeDM said...

Damn spammers!

Anyway, love the post. Very nice. Pierre sounds quite odd but I'm wondering how much of this is true and how much of it is your odd take on things.

I'm terribly excited to have two posts in the same week from you.

1:53 AM  
Blogger brooksba said...

Orgasms and Pet Insurance. Not two topics I would have put together. Thank you spammers. It touches my heart to know that those topics can go with Pierre.

Bear - I'm so glad to see you back. I'm enjoying your posts and think that Pierre is strange. That makes for the best posts!

12:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I have finally put two & two together and have decided that you are just plain WIERD!
Mr Underware God. Only YOU could have thought of something like that to write about & make me picture it in my mind.....BAD BAD VISIONS, not sugarplums I can assure you!!
Leave it to you, it may take you awhile to post something but by golly, when you put your "mind"(?) to it, you can git r dun.
Miss ya, although I can't imagine why!!
Take care, Huggs
Guess who

7:19 PM  

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