Monday, June 27, 2005

Burn Baby Burn! Santa Inferno!

After months of planning the Island Camp out is finished. Worth every minute. It was a blast. Great companionship, great food, great conversation, and several hearty Ho-Ho-Ho’s.

There is no way to cover everything, so we will just hit some of the highlights. There maybe some follow up blogs concerning things (Winston’s visit, Demon Dhary's visit, dog stories, 14 year old boys trying to hook up, Roberta, the parrot joke) so keep an eye out.

Friday – Meet and great, set-up, catching up. We hung the skull and crossbones flag from last years golf outing. Some kids on bikes commented as they drove by “Hey, they must be pirates at that campsite!”

Maggie drove out and bought wood, ended up picking up a hitchhiker and brought him back to camp. He stayed the whole weekend. He was very jolly, kinda quiet, and the bugs loved him. He even went home with Maggie. It must have been the beard that she liked.

The night was cool, and we had a slight breeze. Though it did blow strong in gust, knocked me right into the woodpile.

I still stand by that it was the dog that peed on Maggie’s tent. And really I would have missed the tent if Steven hadn’t asked me a question half way through.

Oh and by the way Shadow Dumber and Shadow Dumberer, I do want to thank you for the great laughs. Did you think people would not compare notes on the your attempts to talk them out of coming! We laughed about that all weekend. Really, why? You were invited, many times I hear. We were not trying to be funny. We would have welcomed you. You may have even had fun! I admit it is awful of us, that no matter what you try to do, we still have fun, still get together, and are still willing to be big people. Hey, there is always next year’s campout!

Saturday – Very hot. We survived though. Lots of water. Some of us went fishing, some to the beach, some hung out at the campsite, and some went to the air conditioned Wal-Mart.

Steven had his mind set on catching dinner in the lake. Brought all his fishing gear. Except for his fishing license. He figured he wouldn’t get caught. The bad news is that DNR did catch up with him. The good news is that instead of a fine he just had to return everything he had caught. So Steven through back the old shoe, 3 pop cans, and the golf bag he had snagged. He is very good at doing what he is told.

Rufus was a handful at the beach. Think along the lines of taking Quagmire from “Family Guy” to a place filled with bikini glad girls, most who have yet to reach high school age.

Me: No Rufus, this way. She is probably 13.
Rufus: No way! Look at her! That didn’t grow them like that when I was thirteen! You know what I mean! Diggety-diggety!
Me: I understand, just remember, there are no women in jail. Just some guy named Big Roy.
Rufus: What about that one there? With the huge knockers! No way is she 13! She wants some of the Rufus! Diggety-diggety!
Me: Yes Rufus you are right. I would guess about 40. But that also is a guy…Diggety-diggety.

Saturday night potluck was better then could have been imaged. Most of us were so full we couldn’t even drink. Well, at least for a little while. I won’t go into the list of food; there was so much I would hate to miss something. It was all great.

Sunday – After a slow start we packed up and got moving on. None of us were really ready to leave; another night would have been great. Maybe next time we stretch it out another day. Make no mistake there will be a second annual. Too bad we have to wait until next year. Or do we…


Blogger brooksba said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! I'm so glad to hear about the campout. I do look forward to more stories to come!

9:18 AM  
Blogger CarpeDM said...

I want more stories! Dang it!

I cannot believe the Shadows are still pulling this crap. Hello! Get over yourselves!

This was funny. I'm so glad you had a great time. Maybe next year I'll have some vacation time and can go. I can't believe I said that. I hate camping. Plus, how would I get there? Please disregard obvious insanity.

1:23 PM  
Blogger CarpeDM said...


Just so you know, I'm posting a picture of my tattoo.

When are you coming out here? Is it Fall yet?

1:04 AM  
Anonymous Talia said...

You PEED on my tent??????? Alright meesta, you better ready the scrub brushes....

Maggie didn't tell me you pee on things I let her borrow. Mark your own territory dammit!

(I mean it about the scrubbing though. I clean no man's pee.)

6:03 AM  
Anonymous Dawn said...

hiya Doll..been a while but wanted to streak by.;-)

hope all is well miss ya ,love ya'll..great job here btw.

11:49 AM  

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