Wednesday, June 22, 2005

60 days, 8 weeks, 2 months, 12 beers

It is almost time for the campout! We started planning this two months ago! Wow it went so fast! It is hard to believe it has been two months! This were not an uneventful two months either!

Everyone I know has faced some large events in their lives over the last 60 days. I of course decided to fight the high cost of gasoline by leaving my job and not having the money to drive. Others on the island also had highs and lows.

(Yes, the island still is alive and kicking, even though it has been bombed, sprayed with pesticide, and had a volcano rise up and spit lava on everything. I had to laugh at the attempt to demonize me with lies and stories from the shadows, come on people know me too well! Though I am flattered that after so long you are still talking about me. And thanks to everyone who has been telling me how boring the place has gotten since I left. That means a lot.)

I know I won’t be able to list all the trials and tribulations over the last 8 weeks, so I will just hit the highlights.

Winston has been working on his problems with canoes. He told me he bought a video entitled “Paddling with Mistress Briggette”. I am glad that he might be able to go to this years canoe trip. (He is not riding in my canoe) I have tried to find the video, but the kid at Blockbuster said they don’t carry that type of movie. Geeze, I remember when Blockbuster used to carry instructional videos of all kinds! Guess it’s just not commercial enough anymore. I’ll look for it online.

Steven is doing well after his mental breakdown. For anyone that has not heard, Steven spent a little time in the mental hospital. For about a week Steven was running around claiming that the earth was about to be destroyed to make room for an interstellar highway. Kept talking to doors and telling everyone to make sure we had a towel with us. Turns out the whole thing was the result of his 56 hour marathon of the original “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” TV series and a bootleg copy of the new movie. (And no Steve, I do not want a taste of you gurgleblaster!)

Leroy has left his band to try out for American Idol. He doesn’t really want to fame and fortune; he just wants to sleep with Paula Abdul. I do mean sleep. Leroy has had Insomnia for the last couple of months and figures if he has to listen to Paula talk on and on, it will put him right out. (Good luck Leroy! You have my vote!)

Olympe has been very distracted with an English penpal named GK, or JK or something like that. She won’t tell us anything. I did find out that when she said she was going to Vegas, she actually flew to England! What we can put together is that this penpal was working on some type of writing project and was coming up on the deadline. Total writer’s block. Olympe help her through that. She is very helpful that way. (I still can’t figure out how she got an advanced copy of the new Harry Potter book.)

We don’t really know what Maggie has been up too. She went home to Puerto Rico to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. She was suppose to be gone for only three days, but didn’t get back until last Thursday. Must have been a hell of a party. (I like the new ink, and I though only Mike Tyson could get away with a face tattoo.)

Rufus has had ups and downs. The up is that he gave up drinking all together. Been clean for over 2 months! Congrats Rufus. The down being, he now is addicted to porn. Bad Rufus, bad! We are all trying to help him. Winston lent him is canoeing instruction video and Leroy promised him that he would get nude pics of Paula Abdul to help stop his urge to see people naked. (I have promised to review his porn this weekend at the campout.)

So now everyone is up to date! See you all this weekend!


Blogger CarpeDM said...

Larry, you frighten me a little bit. This is actually a good thing but it needed to be said. I am looking forward to hearing about the trip. Sounds like a lot of fun!

And I'm not surprised at all that the shadows are still talking about you. It's not like they have anything better to do with their time, the losers. I'm glad your island is still standing and that the shadows couldn't destroy it like they tried.

12:00 PM  
Blogger brooksba said...


How could anyone stop talking about you? If you had worked with me, I'm sure you'd be a legend. I mean this in a good way.

I can't wait to hear about your trip! I'm also hoping the chances of you visiting MN anytime soon are growing.

7:58 PM  

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