Sunday, September 04, 2005

Party Hearty

Pierre walks into the classroom Friday morning. Labor Day is Monday and I am looking forward to a nice quiet three-day weekend. The fifteen of us have our books, pencils and paperwork ready. We are eager to be filled with knowledge. Actually while we have all of this stuff, we are also half-awake needing either coffee or a cigarette, or both.

“Today,” Pierre begins with his thick French accent. “We will be getting out early. I have to prepare for a social event at my house later today. Your guy’s boss will be there, along with several supervisors. As I have told you, the key to job advancement is networking. If any of you where at this party this would be a great step forward toward a more senior position. Only three of you are invited. Karla, Trent, and Bear. If any one else from this class shows up, You will face my wraith. If the three of you do not show up, you will face my wraith.”

I did not believe this was an empty threat, and having faced Pierre’s wraith once before, decided it was best to alter my evening plans and at least do an appearance at the party.

“May I bring my friend Ivan?” I asked. “He is an interesting person.”

“That is fine, but” Pierre warns. “if anyone acts stupid, gets too drunk and starts yelling things or causing a disruption I will kick there ass.”

I decided not to bring Ivan.

Kiri raises her hand.

“Can I come” she asks.

“Hell no.” Pierre answers.

Let me start introducing some of my co-workers/classmates. I had originally decided I would use the same names and characters from my old office. For those who did not know this, a large part of the people you read about here, are fictional. I not want to insult anyone or cause bad feelings. Well except shadows. The whole “Eternal Sitcom”. My cast of characters is already colorful and purposely stereotypical of whom you would find in an office setting. This would be a chance to complete remove them from the people who they were based on. Even though I may expand and add to an established character, I willing expanding to include some new cast members. So now I add to Steven, Rufus, Maggie, and all the others. The only name retired is Winston. His request and I don’t want to deal with him anymore.

So new characters added to the bunch. I am taking more time with the names, trying to get them to match alittle bit more with the character. Plus gives me chances to use my new “character naming” book.

Kiri – This is the 18-year-old that never, ever shuts up. She has to be the center of attention at all times. Must of the things she says are stupid. Really, really stupid. No she is not blonde. The name Kiri translates as “tree bark”. I thought it fit well. She is cute, and looks good in a low cut blouse, so I am sure she will be okay in life.

Karla – Karla is in her early twenties. Single parent, lives with her father, who is an active, high-ranking officer in the Marines. Her whole life she has spent times on military bases, knows how to take care of herself, and how to deal with people.

Trent – Also early twenties, Trent has an above average intelligence, speaks 3 languages and spent a year in a small village of Peru. He dresses well and is very conscience of his look. He wears glasses, but only for style. I like Trent, the more time I’m around him, the more he is coming out of his shell. Kiri really grooves on him, but he tries to nicely ignore her.

The party was a nice event. Not a night at the Penguin, but a good time.

Karla had a problem with a partygoer grabbing her ass. I did try to warn him. I don’t believe his ribs were broken, no matter what he was screaming when the ambulance took him away, maybe a little bruised. She did hold back.

Trenton showed up, which was kind of a surprise to me, I really didn’t think he would show. He brought an expensive bottle of liquor with him, which was cool. He did bring it in a purse though. A nice, flowery little hand bag. One of the women at the party commented on it.

“I used to have a bag just like that,” she said. “I used to keep all my Barbie stuff in it.”

I am not making any assumptions about Trenton. He is a nice guy, so take that as you want.

As for me, I had an okay time. Did my mingling, shook hands, listen to some jokes, told a couple. I did get someone on one time with Pierre. He let me know he thinks I will go far in this company, that being older then the majority of the workforce will help. Of course with Pierre, it is not always easy to tell if his comments were meant to be good or bad.

“-bear, the devil is not smart because he is the devil, he is smart because he is old.”

Everyone have a safe weekend!


Blogger CarpeDM said...

I like the cast of characters. It's always fun to come up with new names for people.

Sounds like a good time was had and Pierre sounds like he would be a lot of fun and also a lot of scary.

Hooray for Karla!

10:40 AM  
Blogger CarpeDM said...

Ahem. It has now been close to two months since your last post.

What did you do for National Talk Like A Pirate day?

How is training? Is it over? Tell me now!

8:17 AM  

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