Friday, November 02, 2007

Supervisor Calls

As a supervisor in a call center I get the great job of talking to the very angry customer. This may sound like fun, and it is sometimes. Most of the time though it is just a pain. Think of how many times you've had to talk to and angry, upset person on the phone. Every call I get is one of those.

As a phone rep I always hated having to get a supervisor or putting in a callback.That I failed somewhere in this call if someone else has to complete it. I try to pass this belief on too my reps. Mold them into the top rep I know they can be. And really, I don't want to talk to these people. I mean really, if I liked talking to these crazy people on the phone I would still be a phone rep.

I did have on bright, heart touching moment with a customer today. He was trying to get his power turned back on. I foolishly was trying to help.

Crazy Caller, Noticing It Is Getting Cold Out (CCNIIGCO): I don't believe you guys turned off my power! I am a great customer! I pay my bill every month, even if I can't pay the full bill I send you something!

Me: Sir, it shows here that you haven't paid anything since March.

CCNIIGCO: It's been a tough year... I'm going to call the news. 10 News will want this story!

Me: Sir, We came out to turn your meter back on, but they could not get to it. Says it is in a locked shed. We instructed you that the shed needs to be unlocked and it wasn't.

CCNIIGCO: I had it unlocked! The person I talked to said the meter was in my shed so I unlocked the door to my shed. I didn't see the meter in there, but I did what I was told!

Me: Oh, ok. So we have the wrong location for your meter? Is it on the side of your building?

CCNIIGCO: No, it is located in the other shed. I didn't unlocked that one. I wasn't told to! I was told just to unlock my shed! Your guys's customer service sucks!

ok, really i am not making this up! Pay attention people! When you say/do stupid things like this, we are laughing at you! And will be at parties, get togethers, dinners, smoke breaks, in line at the grocery store, blogs, etc...

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