Saturday, April 08, 2006

Guess Who's Back?

Back again?
Larry's back!
Tell a friend!

I had to take a alittle break. It wasn't planned, it sorta just happened.

You know, sometimes life gives you lemons, and you are expected to make lemon aid. And some times life takes a whole lemon tree, bitch slaps you across the head with it, leaving you broken and bleeding all over the ground, and the ground is covered with red fire ants, and once you get the fire ants off you, a pack of starving ducks attack you, and when you get away from the ducks, life hits you with another lemon tree.

My high school writting teacher, Mr. Littrel, told me that when I am feeling down I need to harness that emotion and put it into my writting. Never could quite get the hang of that.

I just backed off from alot of things and people, until I could get my "bearings" back. It took time, I couldn't force it, a qucik glimse at some of my last couple blogs can prove that. They just sounded like it was me trying to sound like me.

I have sworn that 2006 will be better then 2005. Ask anyone who has been around me, chances are they have heard me swear it. So far it has been true.

To up date anyone who still takes the time to check this place out:

I am no longer working a S-Mart, I have returned to the call center where I belong. My numbers haven't been the top; I think I am out of practice. I did get a slight promotion this week. the the big one I was hoping, but was something.

I am back to hanging out with Pierre. Starting to put together this years Island events. Canoeing, Penguin Thursday, camping (No rufus, we are not going to the nudist camp) and Poker night. Getting together with friends. Looking for friends (ALICE! i KNOW YOU READ THIS! GET IN TOUCH WITH ME!)

My friend De sent me an email that stated:

holy crap, you are ALIVE!!!
hope alls well with you and yours
we are all ornery as ever & Norms gettin ready to kill me!!
Take care

Which I think sums alot up.

Poker has been my new hobby the last couple months. Has really helped me keep my sanity. And this week I discovered that my computer has music on it, about 55 hours worth.

In summary would like to thank every one and beg forgiveness for disappearing. I do believe I am back now. Beware of deadly frogs, read about it hear: (click on comments to get the fullstory! It will keep you safe!)

Shade and Sweet water all!

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Damn this place is dusty!

Guess it is time to start cleaning it up.

Where the heck is my broom? Do I have a broom?

Ok, give me a couple days I reopen.

I think this christmas blog I was working on is a little out dated, have to do something new.

I got a couple new things i'm working on.

Where is that dust rag, and i got to open a window...

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