Monday, November 15, 2004

Timmy's Stuck In The Whale?

Mr. Wizard: … and by that, Timmy, we increased our call volume on our island.

Timmy: Wow, Mr. W! I don’t believe it! How could five people, answer so many calls in one day! 550 calls! There were only 925 taken that day! Golly gee whiz! Makes my head hurt.

Mr. Wizard: You know Timmy, it’s a good think you big sister is cute and puts out, other wise I would tell you what to do with your golly, your gee, and your whiz!

Timmy: What? Puts what out?

Mr. Wizard: Never mind, ok I will explain again.

When the phone rings in the call center we answer it. Help the person on the phone. Make notes in the system, then hang up the call.

Now this is the tricky part. After we hang up the call, we pick up and answer the next one. We don’t walk around, or spend time chatting.

Timmy: But doesn’t that effect your call quality, Mr. W?

Mr. Wizard: Damn Timmy, You are lucky your mother likes being tied up. No, it does not effect the quality, the call itself is the same, it is the in between call time that is improved.

Timmy: Oooooooh kay! But what about the others in the call center? Aren’t they upset?

Mr. Wizard: You know Timmy, you are lucky your father gave me a reach around last night! It doesn’t matter if the shadow people and the grays get upset! Most of them cannot seem to get to work for more then two days in a row! Let them be upset, maybe they could start answering more calls.

Timmy: But Mr. W! Don’t you give more quality service if you only answer 30 calls in a day?

Mr. Wizard: Let me explain it this way Timmy. NO.

Timmy: Now that I understand Mr. W! Thank you.

Mr. Wizard: Yes, Timmy, knowledge is power!

550 calls in one day. No one is better then my island! Congrats peeps, doesn't get any better then that!

I am sick about writting about the call center, post coming, but will take a break from the call center/work crap! - bear


Blogger CarpeDM said...

Are you freakin' kidding me? C'mon. There was 925 calls taken in your call center & you 5 answered 550? What the hell are the other people doing?

My head hurts from doing the math as well. But Beth will be so proud of me. So 5 people answered 550 calls which is an average of 110 calls apiece. Yet the rest of the call center, the ones that get full time & benefits & fun stuff like that, they only answered 375 calls.

Hmm. Wouldn't it make sense to fire the people that aren't performing and are wondering around causing problems & hire the people that actually do their freakin' jobs? Wouldn't it?

Ooh, but maybe that's the plan. And that's why the freakin' shadow people are mad.

Or maybe I just like the word freakin' a whole lot.

8:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You all had to bust a hump to do it. But kudos to you! You'd THINK people would like to work hard and do the best job they could. But, alas, they don't. I put up with my own personal hell in my area. Getting one answer from a seinor person "in the know" so to speak, then getting chastised later for the decision to do what the person in charge wanted me to do.

Just gotta love it.

Or the fact that management asks you your opinion and when it doesn't match what they wanted to hear. Geez Wiz! You've got an attitude or your opinion is invalidated.

Why is it, WHY, can't we just do our jobs. WHY can't things work right? Why is it thought and creativity are shuned? WHY doesn't management finally drop an atomic bomb on getting things working? I have absolutly no expectations anymore out of what we do as CSRs in our organization. If they wanted to break my moral they have done it. Good job.. Don't you feel better now?

Heaven forbid that you actually stop and say. "Hey, there's some serious problems here. Lets actually get things right for a change."

I'll shut up now before I say something that lets management figure me out. I could never air this in front of who really needs to hear it. As, well, for all intents and purposes they don't give a care anyways.

4:07 PM  

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