Monday, October 25, 2004

Yeah! I love halloween!

Halloween, in the distant past.

I was single and had gone through a hell of a summer. Beat up and dumped into the river of hard knocks by two different women, both who I felt I loved. One I learned to hate, the other the final nail in the coffin that convinced me never to date any woman whose name starts with an “M” again. (Why? My friend Ivan asked. You are closing up options! Yea, this coming from a guy who has not had a date in 8 years.)

I have a group of people I do things with. A party at least once a month, camping trip every year, longs nights of phone se- uh calls. These people are like family to me, and helped me get through a very rough time. Of course, some of them caused me more headaches then I needed. (Having 5 ex-girlfriends in the same room, at the exact same time- Scary!)

This was October and it was time for the Halloween party. I was not in the best of moods, but decided I was going to go and have fun. No date, but that was by choice. (Yea, right!) The plan was to meet as a group across the street from the party at a local eatery. (Sounds like Iday’s) We had a reservation at 6 PM and were to show up in costume to get some pre-party group photos.

So I needed a costume. I have always been a little creative, so instead of buying a full suit of someone else’s design, I decided I would make my own. (Ok, yea I was broke. Had to borrow $10 from my mom to get a wig. It was a nice wig. Long blonde hair. Had a couple of those thingies. You know, hair thingies. Braids, yea thanks, Briggette!) I called an ex-girlfriend who had a dress and a bra I could borrow. She was also willing to do my make-up. Both the bra and dress tended to look better on her. (I think she threw both out afterwards. A lot like she had done me, just a couple months before.)

During this process of having make-up applied, I decided it would be a good time to start drinking. A couple tall beers, just to wet my whistle. (Well, I did need the help I was going out into public wearing a dress.) A couple of well-placed balloons (Woohoo Cleavage! Wow, I even get excited about my own cleavage! Yea, I am pathetic. But hey, it’s cleavage!) I refused to carry a purse, just was not manly, so I put my wallet in my bra. (That was like the best place to hide stuff. Had my wallet, my comb, a couple rubbers, and aleast two phone numbers by the end of the night. I did not call that one guy back though.)

Couple beers later I was walking into the restaurant, after many odd looks, (and some guy grabbed my ass) I made my way to the hostess. I told her I was with the Mlive group. (Now I may have freaked her out a little, having a man in a blonde wig and a dress hit on you probably wasn’t her usual gig.) She could not find the reservation, but I knew they were there. She suggested I just walk around and find them. (I walked around, some guy grabbed my ass, and another one asked to buy me a drink. I did except the drink, but I didn’t give him my number) my party was not there. Nowhere in the restaurant.

So I headed over to the hotel where the club was. I walked in and immediately saw one of my best friends walking by and stopped her to find out where everyone was. She explained (after the double take, and the explosions of laughter) that the restaurant had lost the reservation, and they had decided to return to the hotel and order pizza. (Grrrrrrrrrrreat!) I went up and said hi to everyone. (When they stopped laughing) It is worth noting that my friend Irma was dressed as a dead bride. This is the first and only time I have ever seen her in a dress. (And she says the same about me! Well, there was one other time. Different story)

It was a good party, as all our parties tend to be. Lots of drinking and laughter and dancing. Only one ex-girlfriend showed up (and 2 future ones) That night was the night I turned her down and let her go home alone. (Haha!) My dear friend Evelin kept popping my boobs. (I tried to get her back by doing the same thing on her, but didn’t work. Was fun trying though) My friend Twisty needed to walk down to a near by motel. It was dark and I was not going to let her walk alone. It was a quick walk down the busiest street in Lansing. A couple of horn honks and wolf whistles (She does have a nice ass) but no one bothered her.
It was all in good fun.

The night ending at a nice, all night buffet. (Because the place near the club, sounds like Inney’s, decided we were too scary to serve) Loads of fun and I headed home by myself.

There is a picture of me in the dress. Email me and I will send it out. (My woman won’t let me post it!)



Blogger CarpeDM said...

I want to see it!

Again with the I want to highlight everything and tell you how much I loved this part and that but it would be everything. However, I will highlight the part that made me laugh the loudest.

I refused to carry a purse, just was not manly, so I put my wallet in my bra.

You were wearing a dress and had fake boobs and you're worried about a purse not being manly? Ah, Larry, you amuse me.

9:48 AM  
Blogger brooksba said...


I loved this story! I would also like to see the picture. I'm hoping I can also say, "Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, cleavage."

I understand completely about using the bra as a purse. I have done this myself many a time going out. You really can put lots in there. It's like a pre-made shelf!

This was just a great post and I laughed. Thanks for the smile!


1:08 PM  
Blogger brooksba said...

Hi Larry!

Thanks for the pictures. They're great! =)

Nice rack too! (Couldn't resist.)


10:24 PM  

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