Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Thursdays at the Penguin

Thursdays after work we go over to the nearby bar, which here, I will call the Penguin. We do not make every Thursday, nor is it always the same people. We always have fun, and it is a good release when work gets tough. All it takes is a mass email with a picture of a Penguin, and everyone knows we are on for 5 PM. Those who do not know what the Penguin means, and never ask, probably are not the types to hang with us. So be it.

I have been asked what is it we like about the Thursday evening events. The answer is always that it’s only across the street, $6 pitchers of Margaritas, and we have our favorite table. That is only part of it. My co-workers are a blast when we let our hair down and let loose.
The conversation varies. At first, we had rules. Like no talking about work.

"So…" taking a drink, "How was your weekend?"
"Yeah…" crickets chirping in the background "Was great. Took apart the sump pump."
"Sounds like fun." Turning to third person "And your weekend."
"I only have one testicle." Silence "I lost the other one playing football."

Seemed to be more sharing then we really wanted to be. After that we decided that putting restictions on topics was not the best thing. Open format seems to work best. Lots of laughing and joking. Never boring, and the conversations are profesional and always PC.

We never talk bad about co-workers:
"Yea, she is a pain in the ass. Really, our worse call of the day shouldn’t be an internal call!"

We never gossip:
"Briggette isn’t drinking again? I bet she is pregnant."

We compare productive notes on our customers:
"This stupid idiot, calls me again, wanting to know the same thing Steve told him 10 minutes ago!"

We treat the staff great and tip well:
"You know, that waiter who is usually here, is a lot better then you."

We talk about new ideas around the office:
"An island? My desk smelled like Play-Dough for a month!"

We compare the latest fashions:
"See I have knee socks on!"

We complement our co-workers:
"Yeah, she’s a babe and Rufus has a nice ass."

We tell about fun trips we have taken with friends:
"What’s in the bag?"

And anything that happens to come up in passing:
"Did you know he only has one testicle?"

Memories! We always have a great time. In case you are keeping track, Thursday is coming up, and yes, we are over due for the Penguin! As always, if you want to join us you are more then welcome, if you don’t that is fine too. Either way we will be there having fun!


Blogger brooksba said...


Great post. I love the fact you call the nearby bar "The Penguin." Penguins are fun!

It is so important to get out and have fun. We used to do that every night after work and I miss it. We still have our weekly days to get out and just vant away the things that bothered us about the day and have fun.

I wish DM, Matt, and I could join you guys!


12:19 PM  
Blogger CarpeDM said...

Larry! Great post. I love that your conversations are always productive and not an open forum to bash your customers. Because that is just wrong. Wrong, I say (Giggles to self as she plans on writing new moron mouth post)!

I wish we could go to the Penguin as well. Maybe someday.

7:18 PM  

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