Friday, October 01, 2004

Reverting to High School

A year has past since I returned to the call center. I had left for 11 months, and sooner or later I will blog "The Adventures of Larry: Hot Tub Salesman", but not today. In many ways the year has seemed to pass slowly, others very quickly. It is a good office, otherwise I never would have returned. There is still that high school factor. I do not know why we can not get passed that.
I know I contribute to this in someway. I have my own group, or click if you want. We have our own stuff,we have our own private jokes. Heck we even have our own table in the break room. We are not mean. We do not exclude anyone, we just have fun. There are other clicks in the office that feed into the division. That want to take people down a couple pegs for working hard, or having an idea.

High school politics and drama. I hated high school. Mostly cause of the drama. Though I always said if I could go back knowing what I know now, I would get laid a whole lot more.

I was not at work Wednesday, and it seems that I missed an incident that left some hurt and angry. It was a stupid incident, done to knock someone done a couple pegs. Yea it worked. This is not going to change, so I think we should stop ignoring it. Let's just make the office as much like high school that we can.

I suggest the following changes:

All morning meetings, will now be referred to as "Pep Rallies"

If you answer over 1,500 calls in a month, you qualify for your letterman jacket.

Add an office mascot. I suggest an old man with a walker. He could rap at office events or come around to our cubicles and do a little jig to keep moral up. Old man rapping, that is always fun! He could be called "Old Bastard", or "Oldie" for short!

If you are late, you will get a tardy slip. 3 tardy slips and you will have to stay after work for detention.

Truancy and fighting will not be tolerated! If caught you will be sent to the Director’s office.

Do not be out of your cubicle during working hours with out a hall pass.

No gum chewing during working hours.

When you arrive to work, do not horse around in the hallways, go straight to your cubicle and be prepared to start work.

Gang colors and symbols will not be tolerated. This includes groups of employees wearing matching ties and tie clips.

Who wants to try out for cheerleading?

No making out on office grounds!

You must have a permission slip signed by your parent or guardian if you want to go to the Coyote after work on Thursday.

There, that will make it feel like high school again. All the teenage like drama can then be justified! I do not see how I could have ever left this place. Have a great workday everyone. And be adult about it! -Bear


Blogger CarpeDM said...

"and sooner or later I will blog "The Adventures of Larry: Hot Tub Salesman", but not today."

For some reason, I found that so hilarious that I started laughing out loud, scared the cat, sighed and said "Oh, Larry, you're killing me."

Oh, I totally agree about the call center mentality being like high school. Except that I always feel like the mean teacher having to explain why you can't just wander around the hallways without a hall pass. Usually it's not a big deal but there are some people who constantly have to see how far they can push you. Actually, sometimes it feels like babysitting. "No, Random Child, you can't go out any play, you haven't finished your homework."

But hey, starting Monday I get to be one of the kids again. Maybe I can start a food fight in the lunchroom.

11:49 AM  
Blogger brooksba said...


This was great! I understand the feeling of call centers feeling like high school. We have that at our call center too. I sometimes feel like a baby-sitter, telling people to get to work, why are we paying you? It gets frustrating.

I think I like calling it high school. Then no one would be confused about what it means to be attached to a phone.

10:43 PM  
Blogger Brat said...

Well bear, you couldn't have named the call center any better or accurately. It is unfortunate that there are those who want to revert to high schoool antics. I left high school 25 years ago and have no desire to revisit any of it again, hell I never have attended a class reunion.

10:21 AM  
Blogger dizzle said...

office drama drama drama
dizzle shirts kinda low cut
dizzle skirts are a little short
dizzle has long legs and breast but dresses no different than too many others in the office uhhh people in offices have nothing better to do than to complain.
and you know what....dizzle realizes sometimes office friends are out to get you.....drama ~sigh~ why cant we all just get along ...seriously

9:36 AM  

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