Monday, September 27, 2004

Ready to Rumble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am intelligent, out going, open-minded person. I am well read but I also enjoy my television shows. The new TV season has begun. So far, nothing that has thrilled me. Most of my favorite shows are gone. Buffy, Angle, Firefly are gone. (All Joss Whedon shows, but I still have his monthly X-Men comic) Smallville tends to be monster of the week. Charmed is ok. (Yeah like my arm really has to be twisted to watch that one!) My favorite show is “Dead Like Me” on Showtime. Joan of Arcadia is good. BBC’s Coupling is very funny. I don’t mind something funny, but I do tend toward the more “make you think” shows. Biographies, nature shows, ancient mystery types.

Any laughing you hear in the background would have to be my friends and co-workers. They are laughing because they know what the other television show I watch. I never miss WWE Raw on Mondays.

Yes, I am a big wrestling fan. I have heard it all. That it’s silly. Yeah so. It's fake. Yeah, its no more real then that sitcom everyone has been watching. I love my weekly dose of mindless violence and idiotic storylines. Oh wait that does sound like a sitcom! They just need the wacky neighbor!

Sometime in the future I even want to go to a live WWE event. I have not done that since high school. Maybe that is what is going on. I’m reliving my teenage years. Wrestling, Dungeons and Dragons, 80’s music, fascination with breast. Things you only do when you are young.

With the new television season, WWE has started a fantasy-wrestling league. Really silly, the matches are predetermined anyway. Who would want to pay $9.95 to participate in that! Well my yearly football league didn’t happen this year. Not that I’m big into football. I only know a couple players. (Go Brock Lesnar!) I just liked being part the group competing. So, what the heck, I spent my $9.95! Registered under the team name “Fainting Goats”.

Right now I am waiting for the first weeks results. I am wondering how am I am doing compared to the thousands who also spent their money. It was suppose to be posted this morning. I think I am doing pretty well. The top prize is an actual WWE championship belt. (Hmmm, my woman is rolling her eyes again.) I doubt I will do that good as #1, but it would just be cool! Imagine what fun role-playing can come out of that! Not just in the bedroom! I can see me doing the flying elbow off my cubicle onto Steven as he pleads for mercy!

I will update here when I find out the scores and let you how the Fainting Goats are doing!



Blogger The Lioness said...

I don't know half the series you mention - I like my Buffy though, it's not on anymore - but if you like D&D, there's a book written by William Dear about Dallas Egbert, a genius kid who was into it and disappeared, and Dear was the PI hired to find him. I won't give away the ending and it's not entirely D&D-related but it is really really interesting.

Oh and lurk away, no problem!

7:26 AM  
Blogger CarpeDM said...

My God. You are the perfect man. I can't believe it. Oh, if only you weren't in Michigan with the perfect woman. Sigh.

Joss Whedon is a genius. Wrestling is only cool if it's got The Rock (ah, the sheer beauty of The Rock).

I think I would like your "woman."

12:16 PM  

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