Thursday, October 21, 2004

It Has Been A Long Week, Month, Year

I was told yesterday by a co-worker, who I will call [NAME REMOVED FOR LEGAL REASONS], that I have chosen to put myself on the sidelines at work. This was in response to me telling her that I would not be donating any money to her current charity.

I was working side by side with [NAME REMOVED FOR LEGAL REASONS] and she had had several other “gems” of knowledge to pass on to me. These included talking bad about others in the office, letting me know that she is personally going to make sure that a new supervisor will not be around for long, that she is rude to members on the telephone and no one can touch her because she is union. Why she felt she needed to share all of this with me I do not know. Maybe she believes that she is my friend.

Let us clear these up:
1) There are people I don’t like in my office. I’m not going to just start blurting out personal insults about the person, nor do I want to hear them. In fact, it mostly just makes me dislike you. Which could cause a blog to be written concerning what an evil bitch you are. Or I might just ignore it.
2) A new person, with a new point of view is brought into the office. Instead of enjoying what could be a bright light, you have decided to tear this person down.
3) It takes more effort to be rude to someone on the phone, then to answer the questions and move on. That you get some type of glee from treating someone rudely does not impress me. Just makes me want to avoid you. More then I do now.
4) Thanks for reinforcing that unions protect the bad with the good.
5) I am not your friend. I smile and say hello when we pass in the hall, because that is what civilized people do.
6) I do not sit on the sidelines. I just don’t do things with you or your group. Why? Re-read #’s 1-5.

In the year since I have come back to this office as a contract/temp employee I have had many ups and downs. Mainly thanks to idiots at work like the prior mentioned. I am very good at my job. I like my job. I used to love my job. Several things have added to the decline of my feelings.

1) Changed to a different cubicle due to the hate filled environment around my location. Again I do not like listening to people constantly talking bad and arguing with people. Here is a hint, if you have a tough call and end up arguing with every 1 out of 2 callers; it’s not the callers, its you.
2) I think maybe I have been ignored once too often when I have input. And slammed once too often for input. I am sorry if some of the old timers see me as a threat. Maybe if you did your job instead of being worried what others are up to, your numbers would improve.
3) Do not continue to refer to me and the other temps/contract employees as part of the “family”. You don’t mean it. I have to reference the nice email that was sent out after the All-staff meeting the other day:

You may have noticed the water bottles filled with candy corn and peanuts on our food tables. They were our door prizes. Winners chosen at random off the mailbox list are:

(Names removed)

You will find your prizes in your mailboxes. We realized afterwards that temps and students don't have mailboxes, so cups of leftover candy corn and peanuts are in Central for you (if you an employee, please leave these for our staff that work just as hard for less benefits)...enjoy!

Wow, half cups of left over peanuts and candy corn! Yeah, bite me.
I understand budget restrictions have caused a hiring freeze. I am glad everyone got those brand new computers last week. Helps let me know my place in the office. I hope they can be trained to answer the phone.

4) The constantly asking me to give money to charities, pregnant women, soccer moms, lost pets, car washes, candy, coffee, albino penguins, is really starting to piss me off. Not that I am against helping people out, just stop trying to make me feel guilty about it.
5) I am sick of hear the phrase “I don’t know why (enter generic name of long term temp/student) went out and found another job! She was such a great worker!” Yea if she would have waited another 4-5 years with out a raise or benefits, she would have gotten hired. Maybe.
6) I once had a person in the office I believed was my friend. Turns out I was wrong. I feel bad about this, but she never took the time to say anything to me. It should not bother me but it does. It is one thing to have some idiot treat me badly, but it is another thing when I feel that idiot is my friend.

I am sure I could add more to this, but I’m just Vanting, and the evening at the Penguin will help take care of the rest.

I am way too much of a cheery person for this.


Blogger brooksba said...


Don't let this get you down. You are WAY too positive of a person for it. I understand the need to vant about things from work though. It can be helpful. Just know that we (the Sheepsheadians) are willing to listen and nod.

Just one thing, why not give to the albino penguins??? They're albino! Actually, I did get a picture of an albino penguin once. It's so odd to see the little creature all white. Penguins are cute! And loyal.

I've found you can learn a lot from penguins.

Sorry for the random tangent about penguins.


12:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey. I know what you mean... Ahem first hand. I'm a bit sick of the fund raisers too. I refuse to give if you noticed. (Hopefully not.) I'd gladly give up the new computer for a temp of two hired. But that's a fixed cost of the budget that they can sneek in. Unfortunatly manpower is a residual cost. :-( Being union doesn't mean you should be bastard either.

I'm constantly fighting to do the RIGHT thing. Not "oh well we've always done it X way. What the hell are you thinking trying to do it this way???" Ect...

That's why I've got the Dilbert on my desk that goes:
Dilbert: So, should I use my own judgement on the project, and be forever damned for failure. Or should I use your idea and be chastised for incompentancy."
Boss: "Both have good points.."

It burns me up that I can't always do what's right.

Oh well. I'm glad I've got a 401k not in the company!

Don't let it get you. I just put my nose to grinding wheel and have at it. Do what I can and say the hell with the rest. All you can do. Besides even as a temp you're making better than the peanuts that is out there right now... The hell with [name removed for legal reasons] she's a jerk most of the time anyways.

Sigh.. I like to vant. Consider this you're guest blog. Just keep me anonymous. Well I guess people could figure me out. Maybe....... Muhahaha..

6:15 PM  
Blogger CarpeDM said...

Oh, my goodness. Vant being used elsewhere! Yay! Anonymous laughing person, I like your Dilbert. I don't know who you are though. It is very sad.

Larry, keep positive. We like you. If you need to, you could always move here. We would make sure you get a job with NABABNA because we hold such positions of power there. But yeah, your job? It sounds like it sucks a lot with the people. Stupid people. How dare they upset my long-lost brother? Damn them!

Okay, I'm getting weird again. Must be time for my pills. Ciao.

6:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where to start......

As a long-term temp in the office in question, and just having sent a resume for the one position quite a few of us are frothing at the bit to get, I feel your frustration; And I don't mean that in an "I'm sorry Ma'am/Sir, I can understand your frustration" CSR sense.

For the most part I like my job. The people I work with are no more or less a political faction than in any other cube farm. We're just as sneaky, catty, rude, and nasty as the rest of 'em.

Like you however, I draw the line at contributing to STPAPF (Save the Pregnant Albino Penguins Fund), when I know, for a fact, that the person spearheading that particular drive not only doesn't want me at the STPAPF conventions, but has actively made sure I wouldn't show up.

Now, moving onto them "Valuing our contribution".....
That statement has about as much net worth as a bucket of ass. (Pardon the vulgar visual) There are a very select few people in this office that value our doing the same tasks/duties they do at a fraction of the wage. And I'm sure you're just as aware as I am that none of those people are CSR's.

I've heard more than once that "we wouldn't be in such a damn budget crunch if they'd just fire the damn temps". To my face, mind you. I'd LOVE to see how this organization functions without us. Just love it.

But now I'M vanting....
And will stop.

8:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel I should ammend my previous post. There are people here who care about this office's temp staff. I'm not getting into names or identifying descriptions, but they know who they are. I flew off the handle a bit because of the comments about "all the damn temps being fired". It was a blanket remark that NONE of the CSR's here care. Some of them do. Some were temps before being hired.

So that's it, that's all. Just wanted to temper what could be considered an unecessarily insulting statement.

10:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen, hallejuah! WTG Larry--well said, bravo!

From my initial read, I have managed several cups of coffee and have tempered my original response to this!

My first response was *)*(_*)*_(+$%#^%#^ and then more of &)(*&)(*_)*&U)_*U_&#$%^$W^%RD^ followed by more of &)_(*U*(_(_+*I_^%#$%$#^%#$R^%$E^. I'll let you fill in the blanks.

What is it Cinderella sings or is it Snow White--some day my prince will come in your case it is someday my permanent job will come.

You are a very valuable person here and no matter what that other person said you are worth 10,000 more than that person (as is anon 1 and 2, 3 and 4). You catch my drift.

Hang in there---you could always live in my neighborhood.

11:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm thoroughly confused by all these anonymous crwaling out of the woodwork in the most anonymous manner but it's 17.00 and I haven't had lunch yet so that could be it.

F., I HEAR you. Bro. (Doing my homie thing here, as much as a honky can) Bad colleagues are the pits. Not decent people are too. Bah. *sepulchral voice*: Rise above it, they're ambulatory manure piles.

Penguins. I like penguins. My title is all abt penguins. I worked w penguins, they were still babies. They trusted ME - I was the first human Cherry deigned to accept fish from. Ah, so there! Miss my animals. Oh well, very random vanting ended.

9:03 AM  

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