Thursday, February 24, 2005

Yes, Briggette, I do smell ham.

Our island shrank another person this week. Briggette left. No one can blame her; in fact that is what I’ve been hearing.

Brig quit? Wow. You know though, I don’t blame her.

The office atmosphere for some of us has gotten tough. End of December, management removed the last of our illusions. We now know with out a doubt that working hard and taking that one step beyond what is expected of you will not be rewarded. In fact, you will get stabbed in the back.

We no longer see the illusions. We know not to believe when we are told:

Thank you.
We appreciate you.
We don’t want to lose you.
You are a valuable part of the office.
I am thankful for co-workers like you.
It’s not my choice.
I had nothing to do with it.

Even the “Official” reason Briggette left is an illusion. A half-truth, because the reality would be dangerous. A little fluff sent out to make everyone feel good about how they live their lives and treat others. I was even told this morning that I was not suppose to be telling people that Briggette had quit.

Oh yea Wally, I don’t know where Briggette is. I think she is just taking a couple days off and decided to completely remove everything from her desk and take it home.

Guess what, the truth is out there, and you may cause more damage by ignoring it.

I’m nobody’s fool. I know that I am just one person here. That when I am gone it won’t matter. That my high numbers, mentoring, and work ethic effects nothing in the long run.

I miss Briggette. I know I am not the only one. I wish her the best. She will always be a part of the island.

Yes, Briggette, I do smell ham.


Blogger CarpeDM said...


This totally sucks. I am so sorry about this.

I can't believe they are telling you not to let people know that she quit.

Perhaps you could start a rumor that aliens kidnapped her.

6:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah the island a place that is calming to the people who actually work and threatening to those whom seem to half ass it but they are union.. ha ha. Well you cant spend your life trying when it wont work out, that call center is the least likely source to take anyone further, it swallows the hopes and dreams of young lively adults and sucks them into a high paying, benefit providing hell hole, it was my doom and has ruined my life.

3:48 PM  

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