Friday, February 11, 2005

........but the benefits are great!

I was wishing I had something to post that was more positive concerning my workplace. My wish was answered when Leroy sent me this email. With his permission I reprint it here, making him my first guest blogger!

(Leroy lets his hair down on casual day)

Little story about last night.

I left work last night knowing I finally had to do something I was putting off for a dangerously long time. Getting an oil change. (sorry, it's not that good of a story) So I went to a local oil change place, but they had troubles getting the hood of my car open.

“No problem. There's just a trick to it.” Unfortunately the trick no longer worked. It had gotten me by for about a year now, but no longer.

This sucked, knowing I was waaaaaayyyyyy past due on an oil change it meant I finally had to have my car looked at. So I took it to the place I bought it. (which I won't name, but I will say I didn't buy it from a horse ride'n cocaine junkie)

Now I hate the place I bought my car from. They have never even tried to make me a happy customer and now I'm taking my car to them as they are closing. The man said he'll have someone look at it. He got in my car to drive it into the shop when he noticed my State I.D.

He told me he retired from the Secretary of State during the last early out, about 3 years ago. I then explained that I was first hired in for that early out and that there was about a 1 in 20 chance that I processed his pension. He seemed to like those odds.

Not only did he fix the hood, he threw in a free oil change and gave me a free tire. (I didn't have a spare tire, just a spare rim, no jokes please) This marked not only the first time that car dealership helped me out, but the first time someone found out I worked for the State and didn't say "Those damn State workers!"

So it is true, there are people out there that actually appreciate what we do, thought you should know, it was a shock to me.


Blogger CarpeDM said...

Wow! What a great story!

That is so cool that he gave you all of that stuff for free.

I love it when I mention NABABNA and I hear "Oh, I love you guys, you're so great." Instead of "Oh, so you're one of those evil people who stole all of my money."

4:13 PM  
Blogger brooksba said...

That is a cool story. It's so much fun to hear the positives of customer service and friendly people.

I agree about dealerships, the one I bought my previous car from was terrible.

It's great when people actually say something nice about the company one works for. It helps, knowing that the whole world doesn't hate what you do for a living.


2:56 AM  

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