Thursday, January 27, 2005

Lots Going On In Firebearland...

So I have been away for a couple days. To answer any questions that may come up:

1) Yes, everything went well, I think. One of those interviews where you just don't know.
2) 43 words per minute. You would think as some one infront of a key board daily, I wouldn't worry about my WPM.
3) She is doing good, everything went well, now I get to baby her for a couple days! Something I don't hate doing, though I may be a little over protective.
4) I do have a new post to help tide everyone over until I am back in full swing. It is over at which you should be visiting everyday anyway!
5) Note that this would be a good time for that guest blog you have been promsing me Steven!

Be safe in the snow and ice! See everyone soon!


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