Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Easily Amused

I remember when a good paycheck was not enough to keep me at a job. Over the last two weeks my pay is what has kept me coming to work. My work ethic is what keeps me doing my job at more then a minimum level.

If I have to come into work at this office, I am at least keep my numbers 2 and 3 times higher then the majority of the call center. That is an average of 80 to 100 calls on a normal day. My little revenge. Except for Maggie. We stay neck and neck. I think it maybe her Hispanic upbringing. She talks very fast. I ask her if she learned that in Puerto Rico when she was growing up, but she never answers me.

So my days of doing that little extra, staying another 15 minutes to finish a project are done. Well in this office anyway. Funny if you read my archives, you can actually see the change in my feelings toward my work. I have applications out and have been looking for something new. Something closer then Minnesota, though I hear the people there are great to work with.

Wherever I end up I will miss the island. I need to clarify the island though. This includes not just the regulars mentioned here on the island(Winston, Steven, Briggette, Lenny) it of course also includes solo islands (Maggie, Olympe, Rufus) and a couple not mentioned a lot (Talia, Demon Dhairy).

This band of misfits keeps me going. We laugh a lot at work. I sit next to Winston, and kitty-corner to me is Steven. Winston and I both answer incoming calls, Steven does other things, and is sometimes called upon for more specific info that Winston and I may not know. There was an exchange between the two of them today that struck me as funny.

The walls that divide us are short so that we can “share”. Sometimes it is easier to just ask the questions over the wall. That is frowned upon though. Of course from where I sit I could hear both sides of this conversation.

Steven’s phone rings. He picks it up.

Steven: Hi, this is Steven.

Winston: Hi, Steven. This is Winston.

Steven: Hi, Winston. What can I help you with?

Winston: Steven, You cannot help me with this.

Steven: Okay, Winston.

Winston: Thanks. Bye.

Steven: Bye.

From where I sit, this was very funny. -bear


Blogger brooksba said...


Little things make us smile. I think the conversation you overheard is quite funny.

I'm sorry that the job is getting old. I can understand. I've seen a few people hit a "burn-out" at our place and sometimes it is "different strokes for different folks". I hope that you find something that makes you happy. That's the most important part.

Why is Minnesota too far? Come on! We'd love to have you here! I wish you worked at the same call center I do. I'd try to make it fun at work for you!



12:59 AM  
Blogger CarpeDM said...

Oh, God, I just snorted. Snorted! I rarely do that. The conversation was hilarious. I hate your office but I love the people. Well, the people mentioned favorably.

What's so great about Michigan? Huh? Minnesota's pretty dang cool. We would love to have you here.
For breakfast, I had brussel sprouts, Fritos and cookies.

See? If you were here, you could deal with that randomness all the time. It would be very fun.

5:52 AM  
Blogger Lenny said...

Great post Bear. I just wanted to say that we all know what this job is like. Not so much what it used to be like, but the craziness it has become. I'm not a fan of the current working conditions, but putting up with the daily grind is easier with the island. I think the island is what makes this place work. And what makes us work is the paycheck. Nothing more. Well I got to go I have five pounds of chocolate in my pants, but you hang in there. God I hope this is chocolate.

6:43 AM  
Blogger dizzle said...

dizzle aka brigette agrees with this shizzle
can you believe the current rate of me wanting to call in 4 out of 5 days. of course lennys always making me go, oh yeah and that thing they give us for being here the paycheck after five years of temporary position im not sure what to do..I feel used thus illustrating the first reason I left

9:26 AM  

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