Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Read This First!

It has come to this. I figured I should do a little explaining concerning the next post. Very simple really, Just follow along!

a) This was done in fun.
b) No one should be insulted. If you see yourself in this story, then laugh.
c) In this post and all past and future post, the people are mostly made up or combinations of people.
d) Our call center is not adding another division to handle these types of calls.
e) This post may not be considered work safe. Read at your own risk.
f) I will print you a hard copy if you ask.
g) I do not like weasels.
h) If this post makes you mad or upset, reread b.
i) You may find that the light coming from this blog is too bright for shadows.
j) My island rules, kicks butt, and takes names.
k) This post started with an idea from the Demon dHairy, the newest addition to the island.
l) If you take the h out of Demon dHairy. You have Demon dairy.
m) Insanity does not rub off.
n) I once worked with a Bing Crosby impersonator, now I know all the words to "Swinging on a Star"
o) Steven hates the Firebear version of "Swinging on a Star"
p)You should visit and all the connected blogs at least once a day.
q) Wally should blog more.
r) I will never golf with Ivan again.
s) Goose will never golf with me again.
t) Maggie is not really Puerto Rican.
u) If you are insulted by anything you read here, I suggest you stop reading.
v) Damn Rufus stole my job. But he has a nice ass so is ok.
w) Wally does not look like a Wally.
x) I have blackmail photos of three out of four of my supervisors, thanks to Steven.
y) My wrist is killing me.
z) Trivia Fridays Rule! (Yes, the answer is Tony Randall!)


Blogger brooksba said...

Fun, fun, and more fun! I love new posts!


1:57 AM  
Blogger Kathy said...

Firebear...tell me, what is a 'zine? Is it short for magazine? tell me I'm not that stupid...jeez

5:26 PM  
Blogger CarpeDM said...

I cannot believe you had to put d). Someone actually took that post seriously?

Dude, your office scares me. And again I say, NABABNA is always hiring. And we pay good and give benefits and everything.

11:05 AM  

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