Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Day in the life

Half Heard Quote of The Week

This was over heard by Briggette and me, but she was the one who thought it was funny right off the bat.

Winston: Yes, ma’am. I’ll release now.

She has a dirty, dirty mind. In fact her husband says that is what first attracted him to her!

In other news:
There was a big apartment building fire in our city yesterday. No one was hurt, thankfully. Watching the event on the news showed how dedicated our local Fire Departments are. I quote from the on the scene news reporter reporting live during the 11 O’clock news.

News Reporter: After 3 hours, the fire is finally under control. As you can see behind us, there are still some small blazes going. The Lansing Fire Department plans on staying until all the fires are out.

I am soooooooo glad I live in an area were the firefighters are willing to stay until the fire is completely out.

Note: I am making fun of the news reporter, not the fire fighters. I have had to work as a firefighter when I was in the navy. I had to fight two large fires that if not controlled would have sunk the ship. Anyone who is willing to risk their life for someone else deserves the utmost respect.

Now if we can just get reporters to think before they speak.

My thought of the day…
In our system at work, we log calls. We can type in a comment so that others can review it if the member calls back. You have to click on it to see the whole comment, but it does give you the first words. Today I realized I can write:

“Mbr calling about getting laid off from job Feb 1,05”
And it becomes at first glance:
“Mbr calling about getting laid”


“Calling about growth on his mbr contributions in his 401(k)”
“Calling about growth on his mbr”

and the old classic
“Mbr acting like a jerk off”
“Mbr acting like a jerk”

I love phone work. And I got to get another job!


Blogger brooksba said...


These are all great! The whole part with the news reporter is too true and too funny.

Now that you are conscious of the notes on accounts, are you going to change how you write them? I think some would purposely try to rephrase the comments to get a laugh. I'm not saying it should be done, but if was, it would be amusing. =)


12:39 PM  

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