Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Yes, There Are Dumb Questions!

Warning: This post contains bitching pertaining to my work place. These are my opinions and anyone with half a brain would agree to them. I have not done one of these shadows and grey blogs in a while. It is overdue.

While Tuesday morning usually is not as bad as Monday morning, the email waiting for me as I powered up my computer set the days path on a very Monday-ish temperament.

To all Phone Counselors:

As a friendly reminder, please remember that unless you see the check mark in the “ON PAYROLL” box; do not tell the person they are on payroll.

This is not a new policy; in fact we deal with this everyday on the phones. This is very basic. Think of it this way:

To all Phone Counselors:

As a friendly reminder, please remember to put your socks on before you put your shoes on.

I did not know what to think about this. Really did not have the time because of the morning meeting time. I had no clue as I went to the meeting that I would get another illustration of the workings of my office.

This was an important meeting. A policy was being changed and we would soon be getting questions concerning it. As we arrived we were handed a packet covering all the needed info. Then we went over the packet. Time restraints kept us from going over every single line of the forms. Since the forms were written with the average person in mind and not the experts we were, that was ok.

There was a couple questions asked to clarify or to bring people who were late up to date. Then came the question (from someone who had been there the entire meeting).

"But what about if they ask about this, this and that?"
"That information is in the packet sitting in your lap."
"I know, but it was just easier to ask you."

Really, why pay attention, when you can just ignore them and sit and giggle with your friend. If you suddenly need to know something, don’t look it up, have someone tell you. I understand it is hard work to actual look at the papers in your hands!

This is what gets on my nerves. I work. I have an ethic that even though I am hating my job, I still do my best. I do not have to be reminded of how to do something I do everyday. I am not perfect, nor do I pretend to be, but come on.

The email was sent out because several people were making this mistake. They were making a mistake on something that they do at least once a week, every week for the last 3, 6, 8, 15 years!

This is pretty basic. By checking and telling the member the correct info, not only are you not giving incorrect info, you are protecting yourself by not telling them they are getting money when they aren’t.

If you can not remember this, and we deal with it every week, you should not be on the phones or any job where you have to give someone information. Either that or you just don't care, which again means they should not be on the phones.

I know I am sounding rough, and have been told I have become jaded. It gets hard when I try to do a good job and so many other people take the course of:

“Gee, It is too hard to do this, just tell me what to do.”

Why do I even put effort in? There are no rewards except knowing I do a good job. And I have to field questions from people who are given wrong information from someone else in my office!

See? Too Monday-ish for me, I need to go back home!


Blogger CarpeDM said...

Oh, my goodness. I cannot believe how stupid people can be sometimes.

Wait, what am I saying? Of course I can believe it. I've been there. Answering questions for people who have not only been there longer than me, they were working for NABABNA before I was born...that's scary. Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration, I don't think they were working there for 38 years.

I understand about the work ethic. Beth, Keem and I have all had discussions about it. It does suck to watch others get away with everything while you do their work. I guess the best thing to do is to just feel good about yourself.

Take the wife to go see Hitch. You'll feel better. Believe me. Excellent movie. It will fit into your surviving chick flicks post.

8:28 PM  
Blogger brooksba said...


I do agree with you, there are complete morons out there that just don't have any sense of work ethic. I am in the position where I get to run around answering questions all day long. Last week, I walked up to a girl's desk and saw her playing a handheld video game. She had waited 5 minutes to have me point out ON HER SCREEN where the answer was. It is frustrating beyond belief. And we're so not allowed to smack them.

I'm sorry for the long day. Take DM's advice - go see Hitch. I think you'll enjoy it.


10:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well there's dumb questions, dump people, and dumb responses.

Twice yesterday I got burned because a call rep didn't mention all of the important information from callers because:

1. It would be hard for the person to swallow on the other end of the line.

2. They didn't care what was going to happen and didn't set an expectation that was realistic.

Which resulted in me wasting MY time explaining that:

1. Their check wasn't going direct deposit next week to a new bank and that payroll was closed.

2. Why the second call, and the second call rep may have mistakenly forgot to mention THIS VERY IMPORTANT FACT that her old EFT will fail and that her check will be delayed SEVERAL WEEKS.

I'm sure that this same person didn't mention these things because:

1. They don't care.

2. They didn't want to spend the time with the moron on the other end of the line.

But hey, that is what generated the second call that day. And it explains why they didn't want to personally talk the the caller. (As it WAS implied that they may call back and ask for them.)

This same CSR idiot also neglected to tell another pensoner that they may have to wait 6 months to add insurance to their benefits for themselves and their children. This same idiot ALSO didn't bother sending the pensioner the forms to even get on the insurance. They just said, "send in the dependant certification info".

Helllllooooo! Moron! How can we add someone to the insurances if:

1. We don't know who the hell they are, or their personal info like say A BIRTH DATE! DUHHHHHH!!!

2. We don't know what insurance they want!

This person *ucked me twice on the phone this week. If I hit three times in the next two weeks I'm bringing it up to my supervisor. (Fat luck it will do me. But it pisses me off.)

And BTW this person is one of the biggest "shadows" we have. Very snide... I'm still nice to this person, but it's hard when I end up tying up my time for her dumb ass mistakes.

Oh an BTW she's got several years senority on me. Oh course I don't know anything being "newer" and such.

Hello people lets start doing our jobs!

- Thus ended my LOOOOOOOONG rant.

* Firebear knows who I am.. Consider this your guest blog..

11:47 PM  

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